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Death Note [TV]

Death note
Death Note
Plot Summary

The story of Death Note revolves around a high school student called Yagami Light. His life changed when he saw a supernatural notebook that fell from the sky. He picked it up and ridiculed it because he thought it was just a joke but took it anyway. He discovers that the owner of the notebook is not human but a Shinigami; A Death God. The Shinigami is known as Ryuk, whose appearance is very inhumane, very slim and tall and has long limbs. He also has pointy hair and has large yellow eyes with red irises and sharp teeth.

Later on, he tells Light that he dropped it from their world to the human world and he is now the owner of the so-called Death Note. Ryuk explains to Light that he is able to see him because it’s the effect of touching pages of the Death Note. The Death note has a power to kill anyone regardless of their size,shape,health, or distance.

Light gets intrigued by the notebook; so he tried writing a name on it but hesitated for moment thinking about the outcome. On the same hour, there is a kidnapping of eight children and teachers on the nursery building. He writes Otohara Kurou as his first victim. As stated in the note, a person dies of heart attack every 40 seconds if their death is not stated. He started to browse some lists of serial killers and other criminals to test the power of the notebook he picked up. Light believes that the world is ‘’rotten’’ because of the criminals that commit various kinds of crimes and inhumane act towards other people. Ryuk is fascinated by Light’s personality and devotion of using the Death Note. Any human who was used the Death Note will not go to heaven nor hell. (As stated by Ryuk himself.)

The power of the Death Note

The power of the note drove Light to label himself as the new ‘’God’’ of this world. He wants people to know about his existence; that he is someone who can pass judgement to all of them. He killed criminals one by one thinking he can change the world into a utopia without evil.


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