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Peach Girl [TV]

Peach Girl
Plot Summary

Peach Girl: Because True Love is skin deep
What makes you attracted to a person? Is it because of her pretty face? Her sexy curves? Her personality? Or is it her SKIN? A lot of women, especially Asians, including myself prefer having porcelain-white skin. The whiter you are, the more attractive you become. In our world full of superficial and judgmental people, beauty is power and your skin is your ultimate armor.
Peach girl or Peach Girl: Super Pop Love Hurricane is a story of a tough and beautiful girl named Momo Adachi, a dark-skinned high schooler from Yokohama High. Just like any other girl, She deals a lot of teenage issues including her academics, friendships, and matters of the heart. The 25-episode anime started as a manga series written by Miwa Ueda. It’s opening theme song is called Baby Low Tension by Meg Rock ( Hinata Megumi ) and Asunaro Ginga by Sonim as its Ending theme. Peach girl’s first episode premiered on the 8th day of January 2005 and ended on June 25th of the same year.

In 2002, Peach girl had a Taiwanese adaptation called, “Mì táo nuhái” starring Annie Wu, Vanness Wu of F4 and Kenji Wu. It had 13 episodes and was produced by Comic Ritz International Production..

Peach Girl: Sae’s story – Also known as Reverse Peach girl is a sequel to the series. This time, The spotlight is focused on Sae. The former antagonist failed her last year of high school and was forced to take a repeat. In this sequel, it also tackles her relationship with 2 male models and her reunion with an old flame.
The series also has a live action movie starring Kei Inoo, Mackenyu, Mei Nagano and Mizuki Yamamoto as Momo Adachi. The release date is on May 20, 2017 Directed by Koji Shintoku.

The story behind the Title

- The explanation is pretty simple. In Japanese, Momo means “Peach” which also happens to be the given name of the Protagonist, Momo Adachi. And just an additional Trivia, in episode 12, Kairi told Momo the meaning behind Peach Blossoms.

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