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Kanon [TV]

Plot Summary

Aizawa Yuichi had often visited his cousin in the city when a young child. However, something drastic happened to keep him away for seven long years. Now, Yuichi returns, his memories of those days are simply gone. Kanon’s story spins around a gathering of five young ladies whose lives are associated with the same thing young boy. Yuichi Aizawa is a secondary school understudy who had gone to the city where the story happens seven years before Kanon’s start. He is going to stay with his first cousin, Nayuki Minase and her mother Akiko, but it’s learned that after his long absence Yuichi has forgotten nearly everything except for the tiniest details of what had happened seven years prior. He needs to be reminded what he left behind, with Nayuki trying to jog his memory unsuccessfully.

About The Show

Kanon is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Key released on June 4, 1999, for Windows PCs. Key later released versions of Kanon without the erotic content, and the game was ported to the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. The story follows the life of Yuichi Aizawa, a high school student who returns to a city he last visited seven years prior, and he has little recollection of the events from back then.

The first anime adaption under the title Kanon is produced by the Japanese animation studio Toei Animation, directed by Takamichi Ito, written by Ryota Yamaguchi, Makoto Nakamura, and Michiko Yokote, and features character design by turns character design by Yoichi Onishi who based the designs on Itaru Hinoue’s original concept. Thirteen episodes were produced which aired after the midnight between January 31 and March 28, 2002, on the Fuji TV Japanese television network. Except for episodes three, four, and seven, the titles from the episodes are named for tracks on the visual novel’s original soundtrack. The series was re-released as a seven-disk DVD box set on December 22, 2004, by Frontier Works in limited and regular editions in Ja

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