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Kite Liberator [OVA]

Kite Liberator
Plot Summary

Years after the events that transpired in Kite, Sawa’s whereabouts are a mystery. Has she moved on and found a life of her own? But even with Sawa missing, rumors of a new assassin have swarmed the city. They call this new one “the Angel of Death”, an unsympathetic assassin who eliminates her targets with grace and perfect accuracy, leaving only a flurry of feathers as her calling card. What the public is unaware of is the fact that this notorious hitman is a actually a polite young lady named Monaka. Like her spiritual predecessor, Monaka has lost most of her family, and her father’s duty as an astronaut keeps hims practically worlds apart. However, they are close despite the physical distances and Orudo promised his daughter that he would return. Until then, daily life for the timid and somewhat clumsy Monaka involves mostly school and her part time job as a waitress, but her nature completely changes once she receives an assignment.

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