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Rio: Rainbow Gate! [TV]

Rio: Rainbow Gate!
Plot Summary

The Howard Resort, a resort hotel, draws customers from around the world with the lure of potentially winning a massive, unforgettable fortune. Mint Clark is a young girl who comes to the resort with her wealthy grandfather who simply can’t resist spending all his time and money gambling at the resort. Her grandfather is wealthy enough to know the resort owner personally, which allows Mint a little bit of behind the scenes access to the resort.

In the resort there is, of course, a popular casino that is central to the story. One of its dealers, the beautiful Rio Rollins, called the “Goddess of Victory” in resort promotional ads, is following in the footsteps of her famous mother. To achieve her goal, she is working to gather the legendary Gate card-set, since the person who gathers all 13 Gates is bestowed the title Most Valuable Casino Dealer. Rio is known among patrons as a Goddess who bestows luck on any person in the casino while she is there, even just by simply walking past them.

This anime is based on game maker Tecmo’s franchise of pachinko slot machines Super Black Jack.

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