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Mai Hime [TV]

Mai Hime
Mai Hime
Mai Hime
Plot Summary

A group of thirteen girls has the power to materialize "Elements and summon Guardians known as “Childs”. They are brought to Fuuka Academy to fight the enigmatic creatures known as Orphans. Each of them has different ideologies for discovering why and who they fight for.

About the show

The anime series Mai-HiME was produced by Sunrise Directed by Masakazu Obara and authored by Hiroyuki Yoshino, the series premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo on September 2004 until March 2005. The anime is all about girls with the power to materialize photons gathered at Fuuka Academy for a secret purpose.

Season Summary

Episode 1: “A Girl’s Most Important Event”
The Siblings Mai Tokiha and Takumi found a girl with a sword while they are on a boat. The girl is Mikoto Minagi. They tried to pull her up but Natsuki Kuga attacked them. The boat was destroyed; Mikoto and Natsuki fought each other showing strange powers.

Episode 2: “After-School Secrets?”
On the first day of class Mai skipped her class to have fun with Mikoto, they ate a bowl of ramen. Takumi got attacked, Mai and Naisuki rushes to rescue Takumi leaving their differences aside.

Episode 3: “Dance of Flames/Star’s Oath”
Kagutsuchi was summoned by Mai to defeat the Orphan. Mashiro told Mai that she is a HiME and she’s necessary for fighting Orphans. Mai and Mikoto became roommates.

Episode 4: “Mischief of the Wind”
Mai, Mikoto, and Natsuki join forces to stop the Orphans causing trouble at their school.

Episode 5: “Rain — Tears…”
Mai’s brother got sick, it stresses Mai but Yuuichi Tate comforted her. An Orphan attacked the city buses.

Episode 6: “The Passionate Age of 17 (^^ ;)”
Mai, Takumi and Mikoto got appointed to prepare for the wedding of Yuuichi and Shiho Munakata. Shiho got worried of Yuuchi making Mai root for them. A new HiME named Midori Suguira she became a teacher.

Episode 7: “Lost Kittens”
Nao Yuuki uses her powers to steal, the other HiME stopped her.

Episode 8: "Pre

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