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Full Metal Panic! [TV]

Full metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic!
Plot Summary

Equipped with technologically advanced weaponry and specialized elite troops, private military organization Mithril covertly protects the Earth’s peace and order from the threat of destruction and terrorism. The backbone of Mithril’s operations rely on the Whispered, a group of exemplary and intelligent individuals, responsible for the invention and production of powerful machinery.

The story follows 17 years old Mithril Sergeant Sousuke Sagara, who has been tasked to go undercover and protect a Whispered candidate named Kaname Chidori. In order to keep a close surveillance, Sousuke is ordered to enroll and blend in Kaname’s high school, and prevent her from falling into the enemies’ hands.

Watch combat-born Sousuke attempt to blend with the life of an average high schooler, and his fight against an unexpectedly familiar enemy.

About the Show

Full Metal Panic!, often abbreviated to FMP!, is an anime adaptation of the action sci-fi, comedy-drama, romance light novels written by Shoji Gatoh with illustrations by Shiki Douji. Studio Gonzo produced the first animated television series entitled Full Metal Panic!, and aired a total of 24 episodes between January 8, 2002 and June 18, 2002. Kyoto Animation produced a spin-off series, entitled Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid in the year 2003 and 2005 respectively. A 29-minute OVA was also released on May 26, 2006.


Sousuke Sagara
Sousuke Sagara is the main protagonist of the series. Although being Japanese, Sagara grew up in a war-torn region of Afghanistan. In order to survive, he joined guerilla movements in the young age of 8, until he was found and recruited by the Mithril. Eventually, he was assigned to an undercover mission to protect Kaname Chidori, which requires him to blend with high schoolers.

Due to having little to no experience in social interaction, Sagara is insensitive and oblivious, creating problems in his integration with high scho

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