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Nanaka 6/17 [TV]

Nanaka 6/17
Plot Summary

The story focuses on a cold and distant 17-year-old girl, Nanaka Kirisato, who only cares about studying to get good grades in school and being accepted into a good college. Nenji, her childhood friend, doesn’t really care about school and will often get into fights.

Soon, Nanaka has an accident that causes her mind and memories to be reverted back to the time when she was 6 years old. Nenji ends up becoming the 6-year-old Nanaka’s babysitter until they can find a way to turn her back into the 17-year-old Nanaka, which causes trouble and comedic situations.

About the Show

Nanaka 6/17 is an anime adaptation of the comedy-romance manga series under the same name, created by Ken Yagami. Produced by J.C. Staff, the anime series aired a total of 12 episodes (plus 1 OVA) between January 8, 2003 and March 26, 2003.

Season Summary

Episode 1: Nanaka Kirisato, 6 Years Old
Nanaka scolds Nenji after he gets into another fight. Nenji, in the midst of his anger, says that he no longer wants to see Nanaka again. This shocks Nanaka, causing her to fall down a flight of stairs. The accident caused an unexpected effect – Nanaka’s mind had reverted to her 6-year-old self. Nanaka’s father then asks for Nenji to keep this a secret, and to watch over her daughter at school. Later, Nanaka goes missing at the hospital, and Nenji finds him at her old kindergarten school. Nenji then tries to comfort her.

Episode 2: Nanaka the Pianist
Amemiya starts to teach Nanaka how to play the piano, after the latter volunteered to play for the coming choir competition.

Episode 3: Nanaka the Big Sister
Jinpachi loses a bet against Nenji, and had his hair cut after him as punishment. Coincidentally, Nanaka’s glasses get broken, and she mistakes Jinpachi for Nenji. She then proceeds to take him to activities resembling a date. Meanwhile, Jinpachi’s sister Satsuki misinterprets when she sees her brother with a girl, and tries to attack Nanaka. However, Nanake inadvertently

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