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Negima! [TV]

Plot Summary

Vampires, Robots, Sorcery… And that’s all before Gym Class! Wizard-in-training Negi Springfield is only 10 years old, but he also happens to be the newest English teacher at the all-girl Mahora Academy. Too bad a bachelor’s degree and an enchanted staff can’t prepare a lad for the chaos of being surrounded by dozens of Junior High girls!

If he can lead the class successfully, Negi will fulfill the final requirement in his quest to become a Magister Magorum… but if he messes it up and the students find out about his special powers, he is doomed to be transformed into a furry ermine!

About the Show

Negima, also known as Magical Teacher Negima, is an anime adaptation of the comedy-adventure manga series under the same name, written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu. Produced by studio Xebec, Negima aired a total of 26 episodes (plus 3 OVAs) between August 25, 2004 and June 29, 2005.

Season Summary

Episode 1: The Blockhead in the Professor’s Chair
Class 2-A is introduced to their new homeroom teacher, who apparently is a 10-year-old boy from Wales.

Episode 2: Every Beginning is Difficult
Class 2-A welcomes Negi as their new teacher except Asuna, who discovers that he is a mage in training.

Episode 3: Lovers, Lunatics
Negi creates a love potion to help Asuna, but everything goes sideways.

Episode 4: No Place is Like Home
Negi continues his efforts in helping Asuna get better grades.

Episode 5: Rumor Flies
Chamo arrives at the Mahora Academy with the intention to find a Pactio partner for Negi.

Episode 6: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Negi must protect his class from the rampaging Evangeline.

Episode 7: The Appearances of Things are Deceptive
Negi learns ninja techniques from Kaede. Upon returning to the academy, Negi forms a probationary contract with Asuna. Now they must confront Chachamaru.

Episode 8: One Night Befalls All of Us
Negi engages Evangeline in battle with his new skill. However, Chachamaru won’t let Negi ga

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