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Rosario + Vampire [TV]

rosario + vampire, Rosario + Vampire
Rosario + Vampire
Plot Summary

Tsukune is just beginning high school. Devastated he cannot move on, his father gets him into a school no one has heard of, by “Picking up an admission form” from a man who dropped it in the street. The first day he arrives, he discovers the number one school rule. “No Humans”. Of course, things turn out pretty interesting and he ends up being followed by a rather cute female vampire.

Moka, the absolute cutie of a female vampire, feeds off the blood of the living. And of course, right when Tsukune meets her, he ends up sniffing her hair – a bit creepy, but it’s obvious he has little experience with women. Cue a nosebleed, bloodsucking of the neck, and a tiny hicky as proof. She’s a first-year student like Tsukune and ends up in the same classes with him.

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