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The Big O [TV]

The Big O
Plot Summary

Set in a post-apocalyptic city called Paradigm City, where all of its inhabitants appear to have lost all their memories after a tragedy known as “The Event”. The city is governed by the Paradigm Corporation, and class inequity is evident. Although rare, androids are common enough to be considered normal and coexist with the human inhabitants of the city.

The story follows gentleman Roger Smith, who works for different clients across the city as a “negotiator”. When the situation demands for it, Roger calls upon the Big O, a giant robot which aids him in battle.

About the Show

The Big O is an anime television series created under studio Sunrise, with Kazuyoshi Katayama as director and Chiaki J. Konaka as head writer. The series aired a total of 26 episodes (equally divided into 2 seasons) between October 13, 1999 and March 23, 2003. The first season was not very successful in Japan, but the series was saved by high international ratings.


Roger Smith
Roger Smith is the main protagonist of the series, and works as a negotiator at Paradigm City. His primary work is to negotiate anything for his clients. However, he appears to avoid deals involving the Paradigm Corporation, and only accepts them when the city is under direct threat. He is a gentleman and a professional, thus he expects others to behave professionally as well. The following are several rules that he and those involved with him must observe, respectively ordered as they were revealed in the series:
I have a special house rule that only lovely young women can unconditionally enter this mansion.
If you stay [in my house], then you wear black.
It’s not my style to carry a gun.
I value women and the elderly. It’s one of my policies.
If someone lacks courtesy and sincerity, I ask them to leave.
The most important rule of all is under no circumstances must anyone touch my desk!
The basic rule of negotiating is to consider and respect the other person’s feelings.

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