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Eureka Seven [TV]

Eureka Seven
Plot Summary

The series was directed by Kyoda Tomoki and is produced by Studio Bones, known for the production of many hits such as Wolf’s Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mob Psycho 100, and Boku no Hero Academia. In Japan, it is known as Psalms of the Planet: Eureka Seven, and is stylized simply as Eureka Seven internationally. Eureka Seven began its run on April 2005 and continued showing on MBS until April of the succeeding year. The anime has a total of 50 episodes and addressed multiple themes throughout its story. It was well received as a series winning multiple awards by the end of its original run. In the 2006 Tokyo International Anime Fair, it won Best Screenplay, Best Character Designs, and Best Television Series. The series also received the awards of Best Television Series, and Best Female Character at the Anime Expo 2006 SPJA (Society for the Promotion of Japanese Anime) Awards.


Eureka Seven is set in a world following the events of ten years prior, coined as the Summer of Love. This event caused the calamity that brought about a surge of Transparence Light Particles, termed as Trapar. The possible destruction of the world during this time was stopped by Adroc Thurston who abruptly disappeared. With the lasting effect of this event being an atmosphere full of Trapar waves, large robots capable of lifting or surfing on the Trapar called LFOs, short of Light Finding Operations, were made.

The story follows Renton Thurston, a 14-year-old boy, who dreams of a life outside of the one he currently resides. Son of the hero that prevented world destruction during the Summer of Love, Adroc Thurston, who disappeared during the said events, Renton now lives with his grandfather. While his sister once lived with them as well, she too disappeared soon after departing to search for their father during the earlier days of Renton’s life. His only keepsake from the two is a compact drive, a key used to activate the mecha units called LFOs. The compact

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