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Boku No Hero Academia [TV]

Boku No Hero Academia
Plot Summary

In a world where being born with superpowers called a “Quirk” is the norm, a quirkless regular middle schooler Izuku Midoriya dreams to join the band of heroes that he grew to admire and love, and save the world. Despite being constantly bullied by his schoolmates for having no quirks, he does not give up on his dream and turns his attention into meticulous data gathering about the heroes instead.

After being the only one to selflessly risk his life and save his childhood bully from an evil villain, Midoriya catches his most adored hero’s attention, All Might. Acknowledging Midoriya’s brave and heroic nature, All Might has chosen him to be the successor of “One for All”, a transferable quirk which gets stronger each time it is inherited.

Having finally acquired a quirk and months of extreme training, Midoriya is admitted into the famous U.A. High School, an academy dedicated to superhero training, and is quickly introduced to the harsh reality of what it means to be a true hero.

About the Show

Boku no Hero Academia is a superhero action comedy-drama anime series by studio Bones. Its first season aired a total of 13 episodes through April 3 to June 26, 2016, and its second season has premiered on April 1, 2017. As of March 2017, its manga counterpart has already sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Main Characters

Izuku Midoriya

Initially a timid and skinny kid, Izuku Midoriya developed a muscular body after going through rigid training supervised by All Might. He is obsessed with gathering data about heroes, and has recorded all the information into his notebooks. Whenever faced with a situation where someone else is in danger, he selflessly rushes to help despite being afraid.

Skills and Quirk:
Midoriya’s quirk “One for All”, allows him to be able to execute short bursts of superhuman strength, but injures the part of his body that he uses afterwards. This causes him to be disabled most of the time, and require healing in order to

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Jul 11, 22 at 6:53am
my loveeee
bakugo is a yeeting baka!
I want to watch it but I can't T-T
Jul 26, 18 at 2:47pm
how do v start watching it ?????
Jul 26, 18 at 2:47pm
how do v start watching??????
Ok. how do u start watching???
Actually I'm enjoying this anime a lot and I'm reading the manga too ,Deku is just an awesome character ^^ and the history it's catching ,that and add battles it's just epic , I'm expecting a lot of the second season sooo excited *.*
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