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Black Cat [TV]

Black Cat
Plot Summary

Ruthless and an unstoppable mercenary, Train Heartnet completes his jobs with deadly accuracy. Donning the nickname “Black Cat”, he works for a powerful underground secret organization called Chronos.

However, his rigid worldview was twisted, after meeting a mysterious bounty hunter in the name of Saya Minatsuki. Influenced by his newfound friend’s positive outlook towards life, the once mindless killer decides to travel down a more noble path. He abandons his role as the Black Cat, and becomes a virtuous bounty hunter. Unfortunately for Train, leaving the life of a mercenary is not as easy as he thought. Chronos, especially his possessive underling Creed Diskenth, did not approve of Train’s sudden decision, and vows to bring him back no matter the cost.

Watch Train Heartnet struggle free from his life as a mercenary, and how he fights a war where the world’s peace and order hang in the balance.

About the Show

Black Cat is an anime adaptation of the action adventure manga series under the same name, written and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki. Produced by studio Gonzo, the series aired a total of 24 episodes between October 6, 2005 and March 30, 2006. Its manga counterpart has been hugely successful, selling over 12 million copies in Japan.


Train Heartnet
Train Heartnet was a ruthless and efficient mercenary during his years working as an assassin for Chronos. 10 years prior to his mercenary life, Heartnet was orphaned after Zagine Axeloake murdered his parents. Zagine took Hearnet and trained him to become a deadly mercenary, indoctrinating him that only the strongest survive. He wields a gun he calls Hades, a black and gold revolver made out of Orichalcum. Being made out of the strongest metal, he can use his gun to deflect bullets and guard him from attacks. Heartnet has a 20/20 vision, helping him become an excellent marksman, even being able to shoot down fired bullets mid-air, or hit the exact same point with several bull

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