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Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil [Special]

Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil
Plot Summary

Before the twelve vulgar humored episodes of the original video animation series were released, Detroit Metal City had its very first special episode on July 11, 2008. The special is entitled Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil with the genre of Music, comedy and some slight romance, which the protagonist struggles with most of the time. Similar to its original series, Detroit Meal City: Birth of the Metal Devil is 13 minutes long, produced by Studio 4°C, and even has the same opening theme song “Satsugai” which was composed solely for the series. Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil serves as a pilot or introductory episode for the whole animated series.

Detroit Metal City is an indie heavy metal band which name is based on the real-life American glam rock group, KISS. Similar to the real life band, Detroit Metal City’s members wear heavy makeup of white and black that fill up their faces. This serves as a mask to hide each member’s identity from the fans and to keep their personal lives private – that of which Negishi, the leading character, is thankful for. In addition, the band’s name is based on one of KISS’s single entitled Detroit Rock City.

Both the opening and closing theme songs of the series were purposely composed for Detroit Metal City itself. The opening theme song is entitled “Satsugai” (Translated “Murder” in English) which is sung by Johannes Krauser II (Tetsuya Kanmuri). The closing theme song, on the other hand, is entitled “Sweet Lover” by Souichi Negishi (Hideki Kaji). Although they are a fictional band, Detroit Metal City has also released a few more singles such as “Maoh” and a few more others.

Plot of the OVA

In Detroit Metal City: Birth of the Metal Devil, it begins with the main protagonist, Souichi Negishi, wondering where everything had gone wrong. As he is in one of his fan-filled concerts, Negishi reminisces of the past. When he first moved to Tokyo five years ago, Negishi had never imagined being in a ba

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