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Tokyo Ghoul [TV]

Tokyo ghoul, tokyo ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Plot Summary

The suspense horror/dark fantasy story is set in Tokyo, which is haunted by mysterious “ghouls” who are devouring humans. People are gripped by the fear of these ghouls whose identities are masked in mystery. An ordinary college student named Kaneki encounters Rize, a girl who is an avid reader like him, at the café he frequents. Little does he realize that his fate will change overnight when he follows her along and eventually gets turned into a ghoul himself.

Anime Rating
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Sep 07, 22 at 12:12am
This anime was my first introduction to the gory and horror genre of anime along with the mental issues the MC deals with all together with the creative fighting scenes and a great opening song makes it a great anime in my opinion though it could be argued that if the anime stayed closer to the manga it would have been better which unfortunately will cripple the show later on in the later seasons but for me the story of Tokyo ghoul will forever have a special place in my heart.
May 29, 20 at 9:23pm
I‘d give anyone who loved the Anime the advice: read the Manga too. There were a lot of changes, especially hoe season 1 ended was completly changed. It‘s a master piece that I‘d rate 10/10 and I never rate something 10/10... but maybe that is only my opinion.
May 31, 19 at 1:55pm
season one was amazing Even loved of how the animation looked, but sadly season 2 came and season 2 wasnt that freat but still think its a great show
Jul 26, 18 at 1:01am
hey guys i am john. could somebody help me i cant watch this anime .pls smebody help me. i dont know how to watch this anime in
Jun 08, 18 at 11:22am
Its a really good anime, watch Tokyo ghoul which is season 1, then Tokyo ghoul root a season 2, then tokyo ghoul: RE
How do i actually watch this....i click on the picture and it takes me to the gallary. What do I click to actually watch it?
Jun 11, 17 at 10:07am
I'd like to give this anime a 10/10 but the season 2 is not very well developed, I don't even know If I will Watch the season 3...I hope the season 3 will catch up.
Dec 31, 16 at 10:46pm
who is uploading these fan pic as cover art for the anime? it has official cover art >.>
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