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Magic Knight Rayearth [TV]

Magic knight Rayearth
Magic Knight Rayearth
Plot Summary

Magic Knight Rayearth: The Power of Three will set you free

Magic Knight Rayearth is one of the most famous animes created by CLAMP. It was directed by Toshihiro Hirano and went on air for the first time on October 17, 1994. The first season had 20 episodes followed by the second season with 29 episodes.
The series is about 3 female 8-graders from different schools, were suddenly transported to the magical realm of Cephiro from their field trip at the Tokyo Tower by the powerful prayer of an imprisoned Princess, Princess Emeraud. Upon arrival, Master Mage Clef oriented the youngsters as the 3 Legendary Magic Knights who will save their crumbling world and that they can only return to the present after fulfilling their mission. In their quest to “save” the Pillar of Cephiro from the hands of Zagato, they risked their lives in fighting difficult battles and discovered not just the power friendship but also the secret behind Cephiro’s near end.

The Characters
Hikaru Shidou: A 14 year old junior high student from Japan, The Leader of the Magic Knights, and the master of the Rune God, Rayearth. She stands 4’9 ( 145 cm ) and is mistaken to be an elementary school student. She has long, red, wavy hair done in a single braid. She’s pure-hearted, courageous, and a loving friend. She’s sometimes acts like a child and a little tomboy-ish because she grew up with his 3 older brothers. Their Family also owns a kendo school which is headed by his Father. She also has a natural ability to relate and communicate with animals. Hikaru is mostly seen in red clothing. Her magical element is fire and usually plays offense in battle.
Fuu Huouoji – is a quiet and reserved girl and 1/3 of the 3 Legendary Magic Knights summoned by Princess Emeraude. She controls the power over wind and the one who can summon the emerald Rune God, Windam. She’s got short, wavy, brownish- blonde hair and wears a pair of glasses. Her eyes are green which, is also the dominant color of her

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